Open the doors wide and usher in an ocean breeze. Let the daylight play in every corner of the room. Kick work-weary feet up on a leather ottoman as you reach languidly for your gin and soda with lime. Swallow the cool rivulets down and close your eyes and now feel at paradise. 

Vacations are the best. Part of what we love about them is the destination. To arrive. To live in luxury if for only a small while. The Airbnb trend has capitalised on this inclination to ease away from our daily troubles. But what if we could make our homes feel like this all the time? What if we dreamed and made our humble little homes Airbnb ready? We could book it out to the privileged or live vacay days ourselves - every day. 

Let’s break it down into 5 wondrous ways to get homes vacay steady or Airbnb ready.

Let there be light!

The best way to bring natural light into your life is with neutral tones. Do what you have to lighten your home’s interior. Throw some Whisper White paint up or hang a large light textile fabric on the wall. Add some new windows or some bifold doors that just take you by the hand and lead you out into the sunshine. Or if you can’t afford to lose the wall space, consider installing high gable windows for the ultimate sky watching wind down.


Turn your house inside out with living green plants. Nothing whispers ‘relax’ like lush growth nodding sleepily nearby and casting jungle silhouettes on white walls. Layer groups of plants together, have them stand alone in a corner or let them cascade from the ceiling. While plants are a stunning feature, don’t forget to love them up a bit with select ceramic pots, seagrass baskets or magic macrame hangers like this


Ok. It’s Australia. The sea surrounds us and the beach life courses through us. At home, you want that warm sun and salt feeling you get when you return from the beach. Shell collections arranged on sideboards or threaded on a necklace suggests you have time to comb the shores for treasure. Capiz clams say to guests that you and your family are a sea tribe - coastal bohemes. 

Wall hangings

Leave your walls naked for a minimalist look or partner your neutrals with boho wall hangings. We suggest sourcing genuine ethnic pieces like Malawi weaves or Morrocon rugs. Luxe Juju hats like this one will infuse a little wonder into your homestay home. Or if you want to keep a little more on the coastal bohemian decor side of things then why not make it sacred with a little moon shell cross to swing from a rustic nail. 

Outdoor shower

Getting your gear off under an open sky never felt so free. You may want to go all out and renovate your bathroom into a Ubud-esque wonder like this, or you could simply install an outdoor shower space to wash away the sand. But not everyone has the space let alone the privacy for to take their showers outdoors. If this is you or you are feeling a little, well… shy, then consider bringing the outside in with palms and tropical, humidity loving plants. 

So whether you let in the airbnb flocks and make millions or simply want to turn your own home life into an exotic, coastal, bohemian retreat Luxe Coastal Home has your back with the boho trends that’s surefire to sink your home into the easygoing holiday of your dreams.


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