Coastal Styling Inspiration

We all love getting away to a tropical resort where there is a relaxed coastal style living and you can achieve the same coastal style by keeping your colour palette to a white, neutral or cool tones, like sage or blue. Include lots of texture and natural fibres like rattan, raffia, sea grass, carved wood and white and lots of greenery. Indoor plants with lush green leaves in a rattan planter or raffia basket is a quick an easy start. Layering your coastal decor pieces with taller items to the back and lower items to the front and overlapping them, sometimes more is more! And of course shells are a must, whether you collect them from the beach or purchase them, they come in many different styles. Shell crosses for the wall, Juju Hats made from feathers with shell centres, shell balls, Halo style pieces on a stand, shell garlands or baskets adorned with shells and of course our Large Clam Shells filled with your favourite treasures or on their own they are a perfect coastal statement piece.