Cushion Styling

A quick, easy and economical way to change up a living room or bedroom is by changing out the cushions. Sometimes the seasons make us want to swap out our cushions. In summer you may like cushions that are light and bright or with tropical prints and then in winter you may prefer cushions that have more autumn hue or a rich velvet fabric. Then the cushions can be placed in bags and stored away when the seasons change. By choosing the right cushions you can adapt a whole new look to your room and add a splash of colour or if you prefer keeping with neutrals that are more in tune with the colours of nature.  Adding a couple of printed cushions to your already plain or neutral palette can have immediate impact and a new throw to place over the lounge will complete the look. If you are adding a new colour think about incorporating a few simple key decor pieces to accompany your new cushion choice for a totally new style. There are no rules when it comes to cushions, you can mix plain cushions with pattern cushions, striped cushions are always a Hamptons style favourite. Cushions with texture and tassels add some depth to the room or your sofa.  You may prefer a cushion with a gentle pattern for a timeless look or more on trend cushion colours and styles of the season. There are probably lots of husbands out there that can't understand why we need to have a dozen cushions on the bed that take ten minutes to take the cushions off the bed before they can get into bed.