Palo Santo Balance Bundle

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Our Palo Santo Bundle include a quartz crystal to create a harmonizing and balancing environment and a keepsake dried flower bundle. Palo Santo Stick believed to help relieve stress and emotional trauma and clear negative energy. Gift yourself or a friend. 

To use, light the stick, waft the smoke in the desired area. When smudging you burn the tip of the smudge stick. The smoke cleanse & purifies the environment as you walk through the desired space. You may need to relight the smudge stick a few times during the process. 

Always make sure your Palo Santo is completely out and never leave unattended.

When finished place on a heat proof dish this will allow the glow to end on its own, alternatively you can dab the lit end in the sand to extinguish. Do not blow on the stick to extinguish, this will encourage more smoke and continue to burn. 

You can dab the end in sand or on a heat proof bowl to make sure its complete put out.

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